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Welcome to Rollplast online showroom

Rollpast Company was established in 2000 for manufacturing and selling of external and internal linds. For 
the period of 16 years, Rollplast Company has successfully become one of the leading manufacturers of 
doors, windows and blinds in Europe. The company has manufacturing facilities with a total area of 
1 5,000 m2. The building started in 2008 and Rollplast was awarded an Investor class A certificate for the 
planned investment amounting to 72 000 000 leva, as well as Investor of the 2009 Year Award in the field of manufacturing.

The facility consists of the following production plants:

Rollplast team's mean goal is to produce a wide range of quality products that meet each clients'requirements. We are striving to provide outstanding services, starting from ensuring competent advice to the impeccable mounting and after-sale service. Rollplast company is been audited and certified under the international system of quality management ISO 9001:2008 and the information security management system ISO 27001:2005.